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Safe Harbor Animal Rescue
Bella is a female Shiba Inu, estimated about 6-8 years old and 30lbs. She was rescued (with several others) from a puppy mill in Wisconsin. We are currently working with Bella on her adjustment to life outside the mill and sometimes it can be a bit of a process. She is a sweet, sweet girl, very timid, but with time and love, she will be a great companion. We have confirmed that Bella has had trauma to both of her ACL's and due to that, she will do better with a low key environment...the kind with a comfy couch and some extra pillows will do she says! :) We do not know the level of trauma she once suffered, but for now she's managing fine with a pain med as needed and a daily joint supplement. Bella will be ready for adoption in the coming weeks and during this time we do encourage questions on our sweet momma! We just love will you!
Meet Kabouki! (SPECIAL NEEDS)
Kabouki is an 8 year old, female, sesame Shiba Inu. She came to us in the spring as a release from a backyard breeder, along with 4 other Shibas. Kabouki or Bouki as we call her, is very sweet, but very timid. This beautiful girl enjoys human companionship at her own pace, but especially if you have yummy treats in hand! She does well with other dogs and is just a doll. Her coat might be one of the softest we've felt in a long time! Kabouki is unfortunately heartworm positive and undergoing treatment. She will be available for adoption upon completion.
Meet Puff! This man is Mr. Personality! He's so fun loving and full of joy...what a doll! You see, Puff is 13 years old and spent most of that living in an outdoor kennel with little coverage from the elements. He and Hazel (who he shared this outdoor space with) were severely neglected. However you would never know Puff lived so many years like that. As one of our volunteers said, he's a refined, older gentleman. We just love Puff! He wants to be by your side almost all the time and will do anything for a treat! Hey, he's making up for lost time and of course we let him! Puff would not do well in a home with a cat or another dog that is smaller than him, due to his prey drive. As long as your dog is willing to share their treats, I'm sure Puff would enjoy their company. Don't forget, we always require a meet and greet with your pup prior to adoption. We are treating one of Puff's eyes for glaucoma. He requires 2 different eye drops, twice daily. At this time, surgery to remove the eye is not required, but monitoring the eye pressure is something that will certainly be necessary. Puff would really like a home that has the love to give and understanding to offer. As a senior, he's doing very well and is pretty active, but I'm sure your couch will be a wonderful place to lay his head and dream about the good life he now has. Call us with any questions about Puff!
We are listing Violet as special needs because she is still so very shy and will really need proper time and adjustment with her future adopters. We hope to really impress upon possible applicants, that while Violet is a very beautiful Shiba and everyone who meets her falls in love instantly, that she needs time. As listed below, Violet came to us from a massive commercial breeding facility and due to the fact she had very little human interaction, she is taking her time to learn about her human counterparts. She is inquisitive, especially if you have treats, but she goes at her own pace. Violet did get a trial run with a family and while her humans were wonderful, patient, kind, loving (everything that she needs), she did not adjust the best to her new fursister. From this, we learned that Violet will do best with a happy go lucky, goofy type of dog. One that is confident, but relaxed and yet a tad silly.** 

Violet is a female Shiba Inu, about 6-8 yrs old. She along with several others, were rescued from a puppy mill in Wisconsin. We are currently working with Violet to bring out her confidence. We see it, it's in there! She gets very excited when she sees someone she knows and has a spunky little strut! While we are diligently working on leash training, we think she will catch on soon. Violet will also be spending some extended time with one of our trainers, Ali. Lessons on how to be a dog, we will call them! Violet is a petite girl and learning to love. She would do very well in a home with another dog, but we do require a meet and greet. Violet will be up for adoption in a few weeks, but please feel free to ask us any questions! This girl deserves the best!
Meet Twister! Twister is a male Shiba Inu, about a year old and came to us from an Amish puppy mill. He has the sweetest disposition we’ve seen in a long time! A genuine, kind soul. This poor fella was sure dealt a bad hand genetically. Upon coming into our care, he’s been diagnosed with hemivertebrae - multiple of them in his spine. Hemivertebrae are malformed vertebra, generally wedge shaped, therefore causing a genetic deformity of the spine. For Twister, having more than one, causes parts of his body to move in different directions than the rest when he’s moving. Let us tell you he has no idea he has this congenital defect! He is such a happy, go lucky boy that it’s infectious! He loves to play with Windy & Rain, chases toys, loves being outside and really is your typical 1 year old Shiba. We here at Safe Harbor are no strangers to this condition (our beloved Kona ♥️) and will answer any questions you might have about his condition now or in the future. Special needs dogs are such a gift and if feel you are the perfect home for Twister, we would love to hear from you.
Trixie is our tripod Cattle Dog! She is a real sweetheart. Trixie came to us when her owner had to surrender her to a shelter due to her military travel/duties. We spoke with the owner and it was with a heavy heart, but the best decision is to place Trixie with a new family and not foster her until she returns. So we will do right by Trixie and her military mom, and find her a new forever family. She is heartworm positive and almost done with her treatment. If you think Trixie is a fit for your family, please submit an application!