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Safe Harbor Animal Rescue
Bella is a female Shiba Inu, estimated about 6-8 years old and 30lbs. She was rescued (with several others) from a puppy mill in Wisconsin. We are currently working with Bella on her adjustment to life outside the mill and sometimes it can be a bit of a process. She is a sweet, sweet girl, very timid, but with time and love, she will be a great companion. We have confirmed that Bella has had trauma to both of her ACL's and due to that, she will do better with a low key environment...the kind with a comfy couch and some extra pillows will do she says! :) We do not know the level of trauma she once suffered, but for now she's managing fine with a pain med as needed and a daily joint supplement. Bella will be ready for adoption in the coming weeks and during this time we do encourage questions on our sweet momma! We just love will you!
Darla is a female Shiba Inu, estimated about 5 years old and 30lbs. She was rescued from a life of a mill momma and is now settling in to her foster home. Darla gets along with other dogs and is treasured by her foster siblings. Get your applications in now on this adorable sweet girl.
Dixie is a female Shiba Inu, estimated about 5 years old and 30lbs. Also a former mill momma and Dixie is ready for a life of relaxation. This beautiful fawn Shiba would love to be your new couch buddy!