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All About the Shiba Inu
‚ÄčAlthough we take on all kinds of dogs, Safe Harbor specializes in the Shiba Inu. What's a Shiba, you ask?

Meaning "brushwood dog", the Shiba Inu originated in Japan. They were named for the color of the leaves on the brushwood tree and were bred to hunt small game and were especially useful in the mountainous regions due to their size and agility. Their coat is a double coat and they can be black and tan, red sesame, or red. According to the American Kennel Club, "The Shiba has an independent nature and can be reserved toward strangers but is loyal and affectionate to those who earn his respect. The Shiba adapts well to different living situations, but must be exercised regularly on leash or in a secure area. Early obedience training and regular brushing are musts."

Officially recognized in 1992 by the AKC, "Shibas are excellent watchdogs and family pets.They are particular about keeping themselves clean and are very easy to housetrain. Shibas are loyal to their family and will often get along with other pets." 

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