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Happy Tails- Rescue Success Stories
To see more pictures of Safe Harbor's adopted animals, visit our photo gallery!

Angela got a call from an animal shelter in New Jersey. They had a 10 year-old Shiba Inu that had lost all of her hair due to flea dermatitis and she was not doing well at the shelter. Mitch Fuchs, of a Shiba Inu rescue group from New jersey, transferred her to Harrisburg, PA where Tom and Sandy Rolenaitis brought Precious to Pittsburgh. From there, Angela picked her up and brought her back to Vermilion. She only had hair on her ears and the top of her head. It was the dead of winter, so poor Precious had to be “dressed” at all times! Mitch sent a whole package of coats along with her, but even with that help, her poor little armpit was rubbing against her abdomen. She was fed a special food and flax seed oil along with hot oil treatments. She went to work with Angela all the time and she even went to visit Pam of Tri-City Shiba Inu rescue in Cincinatti. On the way back from that trip, Angela got a call from someone looking for a Shiba that would get along with their four cats. So, Precious and Angela stopped by their house in Columbus on the way home from Cincinatti. Precious’ had found her new mom, who was a vet tech, so she knew how to give her the special care she needed including multiple baths per week. Now, she is beautiful inside and out! 

Shane is a shepherd mix and was found wandering by some students at Sterling Middle School in Lorain, Ohio.  He had broken his chain and gotten loose.  But his previous life could not have been worth staying for.  He had a 4-foot chain imbedded into his neck.  It was so infected and deeply rooted that it had to be surgically removed and repaired.  But, it never dampened his spirit!  In spite of his life experience, he still loved people and wanted to please even though he had been wronged.  Shane was adopted by a wonderful, loving couple in North Ridgeville, Ohio, and now has a yellow lab friend.  Later, Angela followed up by visiting with the students at Sterling Middle School.   They were reading the book Shiloh and wanted someone to come in and talk about animal abuse and cruelty.  The end result was a dog's life dramatically improved and hundreds of students taught a valuable life lesson. 

This is Nikko. Nikko is a diabetic boy that was adopted by a wonderful person named Soozi. She is giving him the second chance he has always deserved! Although he is totally blind now, Soozi has taught him verbal cues and he loves to taking long walks around the neighborhood with her.

Bailey is likely a lab-boxer mix who came from a farm where she had been dropped off. She was sick and malnourished to the point that your hands could encircle her whole waist. Once she was in Safe Harbor's care and back to a healthy weight, Angela realized that Bailey would be a perfect match for her friend Tony.Tony had recently been in a bad motorcycle accident and missed the companionship of a dog. Bailey's sweet nature and eagerness to learn created an inseparable bond between her and Tony. They are now attached at the hip!

Meet Laurel, a blind and partially deaf senior Shiba Inu who was in need of a loving home with the right owner. Enter Carol - after a long and painful goodbye to her standard poodle, Carol was checking Petfinder for the perfect dog to become her new partner. That was when she saw the photo of Miss Laurel at Safe Harbor Animal Rescue in her very own hometown of Vermilion! Every time she saw Laurel's sad eyes, she thought to herself, "I know I could cheer that poor little dog up."  

After meeting Carol, Angela knew that this was the person Lauren had been looking for. Once Laurel got settled and used to her new house plans she completely gained confidence, quickly gained the three pounds of muscle she was lacking, and has absolutely been a perfect match for a person who wanted to take a rest from such a demanding and athletic dog as a Standard Poodle!

Carol had never thought of all the bonus blessings of choosing a blind and older dog. Her blind dog never jumps up on anyone, never gets on the furniture, never barks except very softly in her sleep, which is so cute, with her paws flexing frantically! She loves walks and never pulls in the slightest on the leash. She is very sensitive to gentle tugs at the other end of her leash to direct her away from any hard objects outside. Laurel has zero accidents in the house, though she has the run of the first floor 24/7 and knows how to get around without bumping into things.

Laurel's name is changed to Zora and she has been nothing but a blessing to her new mom ever since being adopted. Says Carol, "Now I know that every little special needs pet can bring unforeseen benefits to the lucky family who gets to adopt it!"

Emiko suffered horrific neglect, and was then picked up by a high kill shelter to be euthanized. Weighing in at a petite 14 pounds, Emiko had skin problems, was missing fur, and horribly itchy eyes. Fortunately, the angels at Animal Guardian Network reached out to Safe Harbor to coordinate a transport from Arizona all to way to Ohio. After riding along with her new friend in a semi truck across the country, Emiko made it to Vermilion and began her treatment of a grain-free diet and drops for her eyes. She was looking better within a few short weeks, and attracted the attention of a family all the way out in Indiana. They drove 5 hours to meet her and she is now part of a loving family. To see more pictures of Emiko's journey, check out her Facebook album.
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