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Welcome to Safe Harbor Animal Rescue!  We are a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to giving dogs a second chance at a happy life. We specialize in the rescue of the Shiba Inu breed, but sometimes rescue other breeds as well.

Our dogs come from many different places. Mostly, they come from shelters, puppy mills, or owner surrenders. The reasons people give up a dog vary from divorce, to loss of job, change of lifestyle, etc. We welcome you to explore this site, look at our adoptable dogs, and perhaps even make a donation!
KONA Bear, Safe Harbor Mascot. Check out his story here!
Safe Harbor Animal Rescue
Featured Dogs - Sasha & Simba
Safe Harbor was contacted back in June 2018 about saving two Shibas from the Chinese meat trade. Through coordination with the amazing Plush Bears Shelter in China, Simba and Sasha were rescued. Over the next several months, Simba and Sasha received vet care, a good diet and a nice warm shelter. 
After their strict quarantine was over, Sasha, Simba and several other dogs were flown to waiting rescues in the U.S. These two will be available for adoption after additional vet checks, evaluation and some well deserved decompression time. Thank you to everyone involved with helping save these dogs from a horrific fate.